Leadership Team

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Thomas Culp


Thomas is a sophomore in Lowell, concentrating in physics and mathematics. He loves video games, Linux, and getting video games to run on Linux. He hates nonlinear three term recurrence relations.

Danny Huang

Director of Development

Danny is a sophomore in Adams concentrating in Chemistry and Math, although he is also interested in Computer Science and teaching. Aside from DLP, Danny is a member of AADT and loves video games. As Director of Development, Danny handles DLP’s finances and secures funding for the organization.

Brian Sapozhnikov

Director of Technology

Brian is a sophomore in Quincy House, studying computer science. He is really passionate about using computer science to solve both daily and global problems, and he believes that a good CS education is and will continue to prove invaluable. As DLP’s Directory of Technology, he hopes to lead initiatives that leverage computer science to facilitate its teaching and its learning.

Hailey James

Director of Curriculum

Hailey is a sophomore in Lowell studying computer science. She loves hiking, camping, cycling, and pretty much any excuse to be outside and avoid homework. She gets really excited about beautiful code, both indoors and outdoors.

Frank Zhou

Director of Volunteers

Frank is a junior in Dunster House, joint concentrating in chemistry and Germanic languages and literatures. He runs on a forever loop of studying, eating, singing, Dota and sleeping. Sleeping not guaranteed, conditional on the others.

Jake Cui

Co-director of Community Engagement

Jake is a freshman in Holworthy currently planning on concentrating in computer science. He is especially interested in biotechnology and entrepreneurship. As a Co-Director of Community Engagement, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with local schools in order to provide computer science opportunities. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, and eating pho.

Suriya Kandaswamy

Co-director of Community Engagement

Suriya is a freshman in Holworthy planning on concentrating in computer science. When she's not messing with (or messing up) computers, she loves puzzles and speculating about why people do the things they do.